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    Hey Little Girl

    If you’re wondering why I barely posts pictures of Ryu, it is because he refuses to have his picture taken. He’s at the age where he finds me annoying when I do so. Until the time comes where he allows me to take more pictures of him I’m enjoying taking some of Penny. I try to take pictures of the kids on the daily, but we have been extremely tired. Technically, we have been tired since the day we got home from the hospital. We have good days and we have bad days here at home. We’re still adjusting to life with a newborn. Can I technically still call her that? ha!

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    Before we had Penny I was afraid Ryu was going to have a hard time transitioning into a big brother. He has been the only child for the past 8 years, and has had everyone’s attention. Needless to say he’s completely spoiled and I’m pretty sure that having to share that attention isn’t easy. Truth is, I, well we, got lucky. Ryu has been great throughout my pregnancy and now that his sister is here he’s been very helpful. He does not mind having to share the attention. I appreciate how attentive he is with his sister. You can tell that he absolutely adores her. He’s been very helpful at home. He helps me feed and hold her and helps me with anything that I need. 

    I can see that he loves his sister very much. Even though the age gap is 8 years, I know that he will watch over his sister. I feel blessed with my children. I can’t believe I’m a mother of 2! I haven’t had an easy time transitioning. It’s been a while since I’ve had an infant and I’ve had to learn a lot of things all over again. However, I’m doing much better now.

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    Penny, Pregnancy

    Welcome Ms. P

    We had the pleasure of delivering and welcoming Ms. Penelope Sophia on June 16, 2017 via c-section. At the time of the delivery it became quite stressful and hectic so quickly. This was a time in our lives that we wanted to cherish. As happy as we were to finally have her here, the stay became extremely stressful. No one prepares you mentally or emotionally, let alone physically for what would be ahead of you when your child is in NICU. We spent way more time in the hospital than what was originally planned. We didn’t have the best experience with some of the staff. However, I’ll leave that story for another post! We are beyond thankful for our family and their support! It was a fresh of breath air having them around to help ease the stress we felt at that time. This was also the first Father’s Day Lovey experienced. Unfortunately, we were still at the hospital at the time and we were unable to celebrate at home. 

    Here are a few photos taken by Lovey and myself that captures our short, yet long stay in the hospital.

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