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    Monthly Recap

    Hello June

    Hello June, and once again we meet.

    An entire month has passed since I posted anything on here, and a lot has happened in a month. Most of it consists of endless doctor appointments (or from what it feels like) and events. May quickly came, and abruptly left us and now we’re in June with a whole new set of events and appointments. It’s been a crazy month, and our journey is barely starting.

    Recap from May

    Allergy season is in place! Ryu and I have been victims of Spring. We are constantly breaking out in allergies and it’s not the best feeling in the world. We took Ryu to take some tests, and his blood results came back pretty intense. He’s pretty much bubble boy in the flesh, and poor thing is currently suffering the worse of allergy breakouts ever!

    My pregnancy started rough. The first few months drained me mentally, physically, and emotionally. Food hasn’t been my friend during the past several weeks. I came to a conclusion that I hate everything I eat. Nothing taste right, and the only thing I could eat was sushi. I know that it’s bad for you, but I’ve also stopped eating it, because my body thinks it tastes bad now. It’s weird how pregnancy works. One minute you like something, the next you don’t. Eating healthy went out the door with this one. I also have lost some weight, and trying to gain it back has been rough.

    I was exchanging snail mail and email at some point before the commotion started in my personal life. During this time I have met a lot of wonderful people. I haven’t said anything yet, but I am taking a hiatus from it because of all the doctor appointments we are dealing with back and forth. For the most part this was super fun and getting to know people from around the world was nice, but I honestly just don’t have the energy to keep up with all of it at the moment.

    My sister-in-law had her baby shower. They used our backyard to host it. It turned out very pretty and my in-laws did a great job. The backyard was completely transformed. I’m glad that my sister-in-law had a nice baby shower.

    We all started to get sick on rotation for weeks. The children were literally sick every other week. My pregnancy symptoms became much more visible. I’ll get into that on another update.


    To end the May madness, we went on a mini trip with family to San Diego. I’ll post pictures and happenings on a separate post. There was quite a few things to cover on that one. The kids were pretty much sick after that and the doctor appointments just piled up. For the most part it was a good May. June is here and there’s a lot more about to happen! r

    It wasn’t as eventful as I made it seem, or maybe it was. I just don’t want to share too much at the moment.

    Until next time, Ciao!



    Yup, I’m Still Alive and Back from Hiatus

    I am still alive and kicking.

    Hello, Blog. It has been some time since I’ve written anything on here. Last that I posted we were in the process of moving, and a lot has happened since. My life has finally decided to slow down a bit since we got married. I can safely say that I am back from Hiatus.

    Becoming a full-time, stay-at-home mom.

    In all honesty I never thought that becoming a stay-at-home mom was going to be more work. This post that I’m writing right now has taken me several days, almost a week to write. Time is very valuable here at home and every second is pretty much accounted for. The only reason I have a little more time today to write this is because both kids are home sick and they are resting. Before we moved here I was working full-time and I was tending to our family full-time. I pretty much did everything when I got off work. I didn’t realize that I was only spending 3-4 hours to do all of those chores. Lovey and I took turns waking up and taking care of Penny late at night when she needed us. Towards the end of 2017 we had so much going on it was insane how we even pulled it off.

    Back from Hiatus.

    Our move happened so fast it was a surprise to us both.  That meant having to get everything packed, cleaned, getting our medical records, and Ryu’s school records together to transfer. It was just crazy all over. We are somewhat settled in our new home. Everything was go, go, go since December and I am glad that everything is finally coming together. It’s been exactly 2 1/2 months since we’ve been here and our garage is still full of boxes filled with our things. We had emptied out the boxes with the essentials we needed and left everything else. On another note, I’ve had fun slowly decorating our new place. The only thing is it is a much bigger place, meaning I’m cleaning a lot more. The funny part is our house is never clean!

    More people, more space.


    ©opyright 2017 by the Realtor that took this photo.


    ©opyright 2017 by the Realtor that took this photo.

    These pictures were not taken by us. However, this is what part of the backyard looked like before they decided to fix it. Where you see that bird bath and that huge shrub, well that’s all gone now. It will be replaced with a raised bed I believe. The grass is also all gone. They decided to reseed the entire backyard. It may look tiny in the pictures, but it’s actually very spacious! Spacious enough that we are going to host my sister-in-laws baby shower here in May. It is also part of the reason why we’re trying to get everything together.

    I am hoping that within the next several weeks I’ll be taking more pictures with my camera. I’ve been taking pictures, but using my phone. I had this whole plan and idea in my head that when we moved that I would be much more invested in my blog. Unfortunately, life took over. I’m slowly trying to get back into it. This explains my long hiatus in a summary.



    When life seems hopeless, rearrange things for a dose of dopeness. – Kid Cudi

    I don’t remember if I mentioned it in my last post, but we are moving! Yes, we are! This mama is going from the busy city life to a toned-down suburban lifestyle. I’m honestly not sure how Ryu and I are going to take into that transition, but we are willing to try. There are so many reasons why Lovey and I decided to move, but in all honesty I’m very excited. I’m used to moving. It’s what I have done my entire life. However, Ryu isn’t used to it and I hope that we don’t move so much after this. Lovey is moving our family into a house. We, or I should say I, have lived in an apartment my entire life. Well most of my life. Ryu’s only lived in an apartment his entire life and he’s a bit nervous about moving into a much bigger space. I’m excited because our growing family needs that extra space. It’s been a bit hectic with everyone living on top of each other. With an infant that needs lots of rest and downtime and a very active 8-year old it just seems too much in one small space.

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    Before we had Penny I was afraid Ryu was going to have a hard time transitioning into a big brother. He has been the only child for the past 8 years, and has had everyone’s attention. Needless to say he’s completely spoiled and I’m pretty sure that having to share that attention isn’t easy. Truth is, I, well we, got lucky. Ryu has been great throughout my pregnancy and now that his sister is here he’s been very helpful. He does not mind having to share the attention. I appreciate how attentive he is with his sister. You can tell that he absolutely adores her. He’s been very helpful at home. He helps me feed and hold her and helps me with anything that I need. 

    I can see that he loves his sister very much. Even though the age gap is 8 years, I know that he will watch over his sister. I feel blessed with my children. I can’t believe I’m a mother of 2! I haven’t had an easy time transitioning. It’s been a while since I’ve had an infant and I’ve had to learn a lot of things all over again. However, I’m doing much better now.

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    Mini Outdoor Shoot

    A few weeks back we had our mini maternity shoot. Thanks to Lovey’s brother we have a few nice pictures to remember this time in our lives. I never got the chance to take maternity photos of any kind when I was pregnant with Ryu 8 years ago. We have also never taken a nice family photo together. Therefore, this would be more of a maternity/family shoot. I absolutely love how they turned out. I’m not a big fan of taking pictures in a studio feeling too posed. Something about it doesn’t feel natural. We took these pictures on a super windy day which explains why we are squinting a lot in some of the pictures. The pictures I posted were some of my favorite shots.

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