Testing the Canon T6

I have had an entry level DSLR, but to be honest I have no idea how to use it. I have gotten quite lucky messing with the settings to get the type of shot that I want. Technically, that’s also a lie, ha. I know what each setting does. I’m a bit unsure how to pair the settings together. I’m not a big fan of artificial lighting in pictures. Therefore, a lot of my shots are grainy with a higher ISO, exposure, and aperture. Hopefully, I get the hang of it soon. I’d like to have decent pictures of our family for memory keeping.

This camera is very decent as an entry level camera. Beginners like myself will do a close up shot of flowers. Below are 2 pictures of the same shot. One edited, and one original photo. I work my camera better using natural lighting. The pictures of our cats were under incandescent lighting and was a bit difficult for me to take them.



I guess you can say you’ll be following my journey on figuring out how to use the cameras that I have. So far the Canon T6 is much easier to use compared to my Nikon D3100.

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